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On Blogging and Bullshit

The range of blogs I follow is many and varied. I will likely expose you to some of them over the course of my own blogging exercise. Some are good, some are great, lots are shit. I learn from all of them – and I appreciate the effort (love?) that goes into most of them. I heartily approve of anyone who does it, for whatever reason.

This does not, however, excuse people from the bullshit they write. Me included.

The one thing that pisses me off most in the blogosphere (that’s the word, isn’t it?) is telling people what to do. Endless fucking lists of things you should do before you die; how you should change your life; things you should and shouldn’t buy. More than anything else, self-help seems to have found its ideal niche right here on the interweb. And yet, it’s not self-help at all… quite the opposite: it’s all about other people making you feel shit, by making them look cool.

I am not cool. Nor am I about to bombard you with lists of books you should read, or foods you should eat, or tell you how much better your life would be if you chucked in your job and followed your passion. It may well be that that sort of shit works for you: if so, great. But it’s not for everyone.

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to be self-righteous and preach… of course I am… it just means that I don’t mean for you to take it to heart, or take it as gospel, and certainly don’t do anything about it. This blog is purely selfish. It’s about me, getting out of it what I need. If that works for you too, great.

I don’t mean to be anti-blogging. I’m not. I’m anti-bullshit. Get online and call-out the bullshit bloggers out there peddling their kind of self-help nonsense. It’s not good for any of us.

But don’t take my word for it.


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