Nude by Christmas

38 years old, 102kg. One of those numbers is about to change.

Getting out, getting fit and getting wood

I’m out of the city and away from the gym. It’s the best place to be. The air is fresh – almost freezing, in fact – and the sky is big and bright. Today I walked along a beach, through a forest and across rocks. Did I work up a sweat? No. Actually, I worked up nothing. I de-stressed.

For a bit of cardio and upper body strengthening, I chopped and stacked wood. That also helped to keep me warm as the sun went down, and the air got perfectly crisp.

A recurring them on this blog is likely to be ‘getting back to nature’. I get so disheartened by just how disconnected we have all become from our natural world. I’ve said it before: gyms shouldn’t need to exist (but I get that they serve a purpose).

Out there today with my feet deep in the sand, my strengthening core stabilising my walk across the dunes, it helped to reinforce just why we humans are meant to be fit: because we are meant to move, a lot more than we do right now.

It feels so good.

Tonight I find myself by a fire I split the wood for, and lit. I’m entranced by the flame. My kids are sleeping peacefully – more peacefully than they do at home – having spent the day outdoors running and climbing and digging and collecting. Doing what every kid should do: playing.

No gym in sight… and we’re all better off because if it.


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