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Blogging the Bleeding Obvious: a Hiker’s Revelation

I found myself a few hundred metres above sea level today, looking out over the ocean having climbed a rocky track from the shoreline to a lookout from which I was meant to spot whales. It was a good few kilometres walk from start to end – maybe six – and was over pretty rough terrain, rising and falling. It raised my heart-rate, and took a bit of balance. Best cardio ever? No, but great for the soul, not bad for the leg muscles, and a sight for sore eyes. The whole exercise-while-on-holidays thing is proving harder than I thought, but I figure if I can keep these sorts of outside activities on the go, I’m doing ok. I was even tempted to dive into the ocean, but it was that cold I think I would have soon found two lumps in my throat that seconds earlier would have been somewhere else on my body. Lower down.

As I climbed over hill and yonder dale, I got to thinking about some of the other blogs I’ve been reading on this journey, and yet another thing struck me (I am often struck). Some people just blog the bleeding obvious. Like I mean the inane. I came across this list this morning (I won’t be rude and publish it) that pretty much went:

1) When drinking water, be sure to hold the cup in your hand, and tip it into your mouth so as the liquid flows across your lips before continuing down your throat.
2) Carefully place the cup back on the bench, or table, to ensure there is no spillage from the cup.
3) Make sure you have turned the tap off once you’ve finished re-filling your glass, so as not to waste any water.

Ok, you get my point…

My initial question was: who writes this shit? Followed quickly thereafter by: who reads this shit? So i went back to the blog in question to discover that more than 2000 people follow this particular blog – and, worse still, 19 people had ‘liked’ this particular blog post. WTF?

The biggest barrier to me starting a blog has always been “but who cares what I have to say?” I now realise that doesn’t matter in the slightest. You see, this is about me. Not you. First and foremost, it’s my outlet. Secondly, it may be your inlet. May be. And I realised that too is where the water blogger was coming from.

Who am I to judge the water blogger? Who are you to judge me?

So, being the glass-half-full kind of guy I am, I’m just going to keep going. I just hope I get around to being a little more interesting than the water blogger.

I need a drink.


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One thought on “Blogging the Bleeding Obvious: a Hiker’s Revelation

  1. lol, have you read my post on how to blink?

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