Nude by Christmas

38 years old, 102kg. One of those numbers is about to change.

Game over and game on.

I’ve not set foot in a gym for twelve days now. I’ve continued to run and chop wood and hike and walk sandy beaches – heck I’ve even done some body weight exercises – but hardly enough. I could tell you that my holiday is to blame, but we all know the truth: I am to blame.

My holiday comes to an end tomorrow. I’ve had nearly two weeks in Western Australia’s Margaret River wine region
– sipping on the odd red here and there, partaking in the occasional sliver of cheese and I even had one ice cream. Eating and drinking well are a way of life down here: thing are fresh, local and clean. It’s soul food – often still produced by independent ‘mum and dad’ providores from their small wineries or organic vege gardens. Great stuff. If you can get here: do.

Tomorrow it is back to the city, back to a gym and back to routine. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

One game over and one game on.


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