Nude by Christmas

38 years old, 102kg. One of those numbers is about to change.

Portions out or proportion

My biggest problem is portion control. I can eat well with little difficulty, but, well, I find it difficult to eat little. But let’s be blunt about this: I lack self-discipline. Really, that’s all there is to it.

I don’t like the idea of doing those cleansing diets – because of that horrendous second word, diet, but in thinking if using one as a kickstart to change. A kick in the pants to my brain, which is a rather confused metaphor, but you get my drift. I’m starting tomorrow. Fruit. Veg. Herbs. Green tea. Water. Grains. Nuts. Legumes. That’s about it. Ten days.

Let’s see how we go.

The best way to respond to portion control is to respond disproportionately.


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2 thoughts on “Portions out or proportion

  1. Try giving up added sugar. Specifically fructose. Unless it one’s wrapped in skin e.g. a whole apple. I did and have lost 11kg so far. Kim*

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