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Sundae bloody sundae

Friday night and its sundae night for me.  So much for eating healthy.

I took the family out for some healthy burgers – home-made ones, not the stinky plastic things you get from that Olympic sponsor .  But the burger joint happened to be across the way from an ice-cream shop.  Resistance was futile.  And resistance training was even further from my mind.

Ice-cream is not usually a weak point for me: savoury tempts me more.  But tonight, I was weak.  A scoop of the magic icy stuff, a blob of hot fudge and squirt of cream on top.  Even my kids ate better – lemon sorbet.

I read on someone’s blog earlier in the week that you have to understand the difference between boredom and hunger.  Well, I don’t even have the boredom excuse tonight.  I think I just wanted to be bad.

Bad.  Ha.  Some people pierce their old fellas and ride a hog, I eat a choc-fudge sundae.  So macho.

In penance, I am doing burpees.  And just straight out burps, to tell the truth.  Neither are pretty.  But I’m not about pretty… just read my posting from earlier today.


Portions out or proportion

My biggest problem is portion control. I can eat well with little difficulty, but, well, I find it difficult to eat little. But let’s be blunt about this: I lack self-discipline. Really, that’s all there is to it.

I don’t like the idea of doing those cleansing diets – because of that horrendous second word, diet, but in thinking if using one as a kickstart to change. A kick in the pants to my brain, which is a rather confused metaphor, but you get my drift. I’m starting tomorrow. Fruit. Veg. Herbs. Green tea. Water. Grains. Nuts. Legumes. That’s about it. Ten days.

Let’s see how we go.

The best way to respond to portion control is to respond disproportionately.


The diet is the hardest bit to change. Not just because you crave the yummy things, but because the rest of your family does too. When you’ve got three kids and a wife, it’s not all about you – that goes for everything, but certainly when it comes to cooking. Sure, it’s easy enough to say just make everyone change – but have you ever cooked for kids? They’re picky. I’m lucky, my kids are good-picky, but they’re picky nonetheless.

We don’t eat terribly, but we certainly don’t eat perfectly. We’d have fish once a week, chicken maybe twice, meat once or twice and the rest would be carbs (pasta) and veges. Almost all of our food is prepared at home, with only the occasional take-out meal. My biggest food issue would be portion control – I just love food, so making myself stop eating so much is priority number one.

My kids’ lunch-boxes would surely be lauded by nutritionists everywhere. They’re full of veges – tomatoes, cucumber, fennel, snow peas, capsicum, baby corn stalks – and a piece of fruit – one of bananas, strawberries, apples, pears… they love it all. They’ll take a sandwich, only every on wholemeal bread, which is usually either the great Aussie staple of Vegemite, or as a special treat, jam. My son won’t even have butter.

Hmmm. They eat better than I do. Funny how writing these things down makes you realise what’s really going on.

So far, I’ve cut out all butter (don’t miss it) and all milk (never really had it). I’m lowering my carb intake (it was way too high), but not elimating. I’m hoping to push towards fish three times a week, chicken a couple of times and another meat once or twice. To be honest, I don’t care much for meat, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

But portion control… that’s the sticking point. That’s really just discipline, isn’t it?

If anyone has any great recipes, or any other thoughts on these, feel free to share.

I’m heading out for a walk.

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